the time has come for.. Freddie and Cinnamon sample sale!

Hello, lovely people!

Hope you had an amazing Christmas, ate and drunk far too much and are now looking forward to NYE parties – where is everyone going? Olga and I are going to a 20s themed party in a secret location in London – we’ll tell you all about it!

Now, Freddie and Cinnamon have been going for a few months now and while designing our main collections we gathered a fair amount of samples and one-off pieces that never made their way to our website. Since January is a month of bargains, sales and all sort of clearance events we want to join in so we’ve just opened our eBay outlet, where you can buy some of our samples and prototypes at a fraction of their true price.

Here are some jewellery pieces you can find there:

happy bargain shopping!

Freddie and Cinnamon

Cat-ching the rays

fantastic photo and a fantastic cat 🙂


This evening, after the awesome flying pig cloud (see previous post), our cat, Tobie, decided to catch what was left of the sun. He climbed up our clothes horse and once he found a moderately comfortable spot, commenced sunbathing until it set. Then he jumped off.

Such an awesome cat.

Sun bathing

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