BIC for Her… And no it’s not about shavers… It’s about… pens ;)

That’s one of the quirkiest ideas coming from the international leader of stationary & shavers – BIC… Yes, they are the inventors of cristal pens (1950) and iconic orange disposable razors (1975). And now they’ve launched a line of pens specially designed for women… All coming in pastel coloured barrels. Made thinner to fit better in delicate hands… Surprisingly, a sea of critical reviews appeared not long after the launch… Personally I don’t think there’s anything wrong with BIC‘s idea… Quite the opposite… It could become a fashion and women empowerment statement… And another thing, it’s also a reminder that we can still use pen and paper to write down our thoughts! Not just go straight to a computer or smart phone screen… 😉

What do you think?

BIC Pens for Her cost from £6.31 for a box of 20 on Amazon UK

Vintage Portraits of Bulldogs in Costumes from the early 1900s

As you might have noticed we love everything to do with cats, dogs and pets in general; on top that photography is our great passion so… if you combine the two what is it that you get? cute pet photos! 🙂

Pretty much every pet owner has hundreds of cute and funny pictures of their animals in different situations or wearing funny costumes. If you think, however, that dressing up our pets and taking photos of them is quite a recent invention – you’re wrong! Take a look at those amazing portraits of bulldogs dressed up as different characters – these were taken in the early 1900s!

These photographs are a part of the collection at the Library of Congress. We salute the photographers who took them – their cameras didn’t have picture stabilisers and other fancy auto-focus mechanisms, so we’re guessing it had been quite a challenge to keep the pooches still for long enough!

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all the best!

Freddie & Cinnamon