Industrial greys indoors – love the look!

Today I wanted to share with you this week’s palette from Living Etc. magazine – the Zinc Palette. I absolutely love it. What do you think? Would you like to have this kind of décor?




Tea-themed pendant lamp collection from Original BTC

I just came across this collection of lamps by Original BTC earlier today and thought I’ll share it with you. I found it quirky and funny 🙂

Would you like to have one of them at home?

Hope you like them!


pictures borrowed from Home tone




designer lights with an ‘aw, cute!’ twist

Being in the constant state of decorating my flat I came across these cute lights; Matt Pugh, a British furniture and accessories designer, who is as much into natural, lovely ingredients as we, here at Freddie & Cinnamon is their author. Each of his pieces is of very high quality and meant to last a lifetime; and just look at them – designer, cool and most of all funny and cute!

oh, adorable!

I got it in an email, so no idea where these products are from and who the author of the photo is, but just had to share it! especially the cup – fantastic!




















if you know anything about it let me know – I want this cup!

love, Freddie!

‘Wonderfully weird’ – Quirky toys and cushions by Sam Morris

A while ago I mentioned that one of my recent learnings was that you need to go out there to your customers to find them and make them interested in what you are offering. Well, our hunt for suitable places has begun couple weeks back. Between high end Leadenhall Market, crafty Greenwich Market and landmark Spitalfields I made some amazing discoveries!

I got completely overwhelmed by some works I saw there. The first artist I want to share with you is Sam Morris. When I was her humorous and wonderfully weird toys and cushions stall I had a smile on my face in an instant!

Sam Morris - Wonderfully Weird Quirky Cushions and Toys - stall

Artist about her work: ‘I get my inspiration from Fairy tales, myths and legends, and start off by collaging them in a sketch book.  I then scan them in to Photoshop and adjust them accordingly.  They are then digitally printed on to a cotton sateen fabric, and then I sew them into cushions or fabric characters.’

Here are couple close-ups 🙂

turqoise cushion - Sam Morris - Wonderfully Weird Quirky Cushion

and this is my most favourite design!

med cushion - Sam Morris - Wonderfully Weird Quirky Cat Cushion

You can see the full collection on artists’ website.

Hope you like it and that you’re having a wonderful Jubilee Weekend! 🙂

A quirky little gadget

Ever considered pulling tissues out of an elephant’s trunk? well, you can now 🙂

An elephant tissue holder –  a super cute home gadget that will come in handy if you’re not a fan of all those rather dull tissue boxes available out there. These are manufactured by and can be purchased from for just under £30.

Sparkly Pony - Elephant Tissue Holder

Hand cut, hand sanded and hand constructed from sustainable wood they are not only fun but also eco friendly!