Industrial greys indoors – love the look!

Today I wanted to share with you this week’s palette from Living Etc. magazine – the Zinc Palette. I absolutely love it. What do you think? Would you like to have this kind of décor?



Trending: Modern Military

Trending: Modern Military

Save up to 70% with Freddie & Cinnamon

Freddie and Cinnamon Designer Jewellery UK

We are a team of people passionate about unique designer jewellery and new jewellery designers. We also believe that the designer jewellery is well overpriced. It’s not just the designer that gets their share. Before jewellery makes it way to John Lewis jewellery department, or Liberty jewellery shelf everyone takes their cut – from agents to landlords. The only person paying for it is you – the end customer.

Freddie & Cinnamon does it differently. We have no stores. We don’t pay any commission to partner retailers, there is no middleman involved. By cutting all middlemen out we offer designer jewellery in UK and abroad for up to 70% off typical designer price tag. See it for yourself!

Affordable designer bracelets

During my weekend walk in a trendy part of South-West London I came across lovely quirky boutiques and of course, my little obsession – jewellers. I wanted to share with you some designs I came spotted there and show you why we keep saying that Freddie & Cinnamon is an affordable designer jewellery! I did small research, and here are the results.


£67 SPARROW CHARM BRACELET by Freddie & Cinnamon
green onyx, 18ct gold vermeil charm

I’m sure you’ve seen our charm bracelets – made of high quality cut gemstones, like green onyx, amethyst, garnet, and black onyx. All friendship bracelets are finished with high quality 18ct gold vermeil charms sparkling with zircons. Their retail price is £67 compared to designer brands I came across for similar type and quality products varying between £135 and £319! Which means we offer between 50% and 80% off the typical designer price tag!

How is that at all possible? We design pieces ourselves and then search for the most cost -effective way to bring them to the market. We deal with jewellers direct and bring them straight to you – no middle mad, no shops, no commission pay aways, no unnecessary overheads!

Have a look for yourself

peace_sign_baby_charm_amethyst_gold_by Assya_London

amethyst, 18ct gold vermeil charm


agate, 18ct gold vermeil charm

CATHERINE MICHIELS beaded bracelet

£319 CATHERINE MICHIELS beaded bracelet available at
brown gemstones, silver and crystal charm

Despite being cheap designer jewellery we offer high quality products! How to recognise that?

When it comes to gemstone bracelets, price factors are:

  1. size of beads: the smaller, the more expensive as more stones are needed for one bracelet so it’s more difficult to select stones in the same shade and quality for one jewellery item
  2. the faceted stones are more expensive than plain round stones as involve more labour to prepare
  3. class of stones – their clarity

In the above comparison another thing to watch out for is gold quality and plating type – gold vermeil is a high quality 2.5 micron plating used for lasting effect.

Therefore, even if the below bracelet seems to be similar price range, it is lower quality than the Freddie & Cinnamon one!



So you may keep waiting for discount designer offers until they’re on, or you may come straight to Freddie & Cinnamon anytime you want!

Iconic wedding dresses

The dress the Duchess of Cambridge wore giving her vows to Prince William is probably the most talked about design for the big day, but there are many other wedding dresses worth a mention. Vogue put together and excellent showcase of iconic designs for the ceremony. You will find there creations made for Kate Middleton, Hollywood stars, and even cartoon princesses 🙂 Below are my favourites besides the Duchess: Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline Kennedy, Kate Moss, and the statement Vivienne Westwood dress designed for Sarah Jessica Parker in ‘Sex and the City‘ movie. You can see the entire selection here.

Hope you like it!



Wedding_Dresses_Elizabeth_Taylor wedding_dress_Jacqueline_Kennedy wedding_dress_Kate_Moss


Summer jewellery

Summer jewellery
As summer finally made it to London, after the hottest weekend of the year, we share with you summer jewellery inspiration. Hope you’re enjoying the sun!