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Freddie and Cinnamon Designer Jewellery UK

We are a team of people passionate about unique designer jewellery and new jewellery designers. We also believe that the designer jewellery is well overpriced. It’s not just the designer that gets their share. Before jewellery makes it way to John Lewis jewellery department, or Liberty jewellery shelf everyone takes their cut – from agents to┬álandlords. The only person paying for it is you – the end customer.

Freddie & Cinnamon does it differently. We have no┬ástores. We don’t pay any commission to partner retailers, there is no middleman involved. By cutting all middlemen out we offer designer jewellery in UK and abroad for up to 70% off typical designer price tag. See it for yourself!

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Freddie and Cinnamon designer jewellery

How often do you set off in search for the world’s most fashionable fashion outlet? Hunt for discounted designer jewellery and womenswear? Get excited browsing through John Lewis jewellery sale to find that Alex Monroe ring you dreamed of, or Monica Vinader necklace at the price you can finally afford?

Is it really worth waiting until a deal up to 70% off comes up though? Why not go straight to Freddie & Cinnamon designer jewellery for authentic designer looks at affordable prices? We offer up to 70% off designer jewellery price tag every day.

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