Tocamu – new symbol of wellbeing and social responsibility


The Toucan Feather is work of Nicholas Stafford-Deitsch. USA born, brought up in UK, best ever boxer of Oxford University that worked in merchant banking, venture capital, mail-order and has also been a political advisor and consultant. As the story of lost innocence unfolds, the reader gets to know the meaning of ‘tocamu’ a symbol for those concerned about the future of mankind.

‘The premise is that we should strive to improve our wellbeing – not just because there’s a relationship between wellbeing and happiness but also because people with good wellbeing tend to think and act differently. Importantly, as more people improve their wellbeing, you’ll see beneficial social, economic and political consequences.a difference.’

I find Nicks’ work very impressive. Not only he introduced new philosophy and put it into an allegorical story, but being unimpressed by work of professionals, he also decided to illustrate the book himself! He says it’s seemed like a very bad decision to begin with as ‘the first attempts were absolutely pathetic [..] but I kept going because something in my head told me to do so.’ I’m really glad he did! I think the result is astonishing!

Hope you like it!







and the trailer of the book for you! 🙂


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