Join Maternity Worldwide 10th anniversary concert to support good cause!

Arnicane-Maternity Worldwide 10th Anniversary ConcertHi everyone! today I would like to invite you to take part in a Maternity Worldwide Anniversary charity concert which is in London on 20th September at Southwark Cathedral. It’s a charity that’s close to one of my friends heart, lovely Chloe. Read on to find out why!
1. How did you come across Maternity Worldwide charity?
One of my physiotherapy clinical educators at University knew the director, Adrian Brown , and was advertising ‘sponsor a safe birth campaign’ and I decided to contact the charity.
2. Why is this charity so special to you?
I volunteered at Gimbie hospital Ethiopia in Autumn 2004 and saw first hand Maternity Worldwide saving mothers and babies lives in childbirth.
When I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Gimbie Hospital, Maternity Worldwide was a new Charity and support. The Hospital covered a large area, people were travelling miles to see doctors. Traditionally, babies were born at home and only came to hospital if there were problems, but this was often too late. Mothers struggled to walk the road or have the money to pay for a lift and time was against them. Families were often fearful of not being able to pay too.
Maternity Worldwide brought free maternity care to the hospital, there were programmes of having maternity check ups, antenatal education and advise to attend early if there were problems at the birth. Potentially problematic births were highlighted and brought in early to ensure medical assistance. Equipment such as an ultrasound machine is provided by Maternity Worldwide with staff training and maintenance to ensure its ongoing use when required.
Volunteers support the programme through education of staff, mothers, and the wider family, training of existing hospital staff and community birth attendants, clinical support at the hospital, and provide clinical equipment. I understand the programme has grown to supporting education to support jobs and health understanding, business loans to enable families and communities to support their families and grow healthy children and training for new community midwives. Most volunteers are midwives, doctors and nurses however I went out and worked supporting physiotherapy services in the wider hospital.
3. What is the Maternity Worldwide main focus?
It’s best described by a fragment from their website:

Imagine you have been in labour for 4 days; you are still having painful contractions every 3 minutes. It is not possible to deliver your baby naturally and it may even have already died. You are losing blood and are becoming at risk of infection. You were already weak because of poor nutrition and anaemia in your pregnancy. You have two other young children to care for. Your only chance of surviving is to have emergency care from a skilled professional. But the nearest hospital is 200 miles away. You cannot afford to pay for transport or hospital fees even if you could get there. There really is no hope.

4. What can we expect at the Anniversary Concert?
Fabulous live classical music by talented people in aid of a fantastic cause.

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