Affordable designer jewellery in UK

Freddie and Cinnamon designer jewellery UK

London is one of the world’s fashion capitals, everyone agrees to that. It’s not only home to couture fashion, but also many cool, new, and upcoming trends in fashion and jewellery likewise! You can find there many independent designer jewellery boutiques, fun events celebrating contemporary jewellery designs (like London Jewellery Week), and venues dedicated to new jewellery designers (like Jewel East). Freddie & Cinnamon is a part of all that! Bringing to you London-based designer jewellery online.

We pride ourselves in being affordable designer jewellery brand delivering to you designs at up to 70% off typical designer price tag. How have we managed that? We keep an eye on current jewellery trends, create new jewellery designs that fit the bill and search for the most cost-effective way of bringing them to you. We work with global network of jewellers that help us in the process and make it all possible. We have no stores, no middle man, minimal overheads, and we just pass all benefits back to you! So make sure you have a look at our designer jewellery collection!


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