Casa Brasil… A look into the Olympic future in Rio 2016…

It hasn’t been two weeks since the Closing Ceremony of London 2012 and its merchandise hasn’t gone yet on 70% off sale, when I decided to go and see for myself the Casa Brasil exhibition held in the Somerset House… First impressions were rather modest as it can be a bit boring seeing a million pictures of the beaches followed by a million photos of the rainforest, but then the part dedicated to Brazilian contemporary art has swept me from my cute little feet. Couple pieces could easily be bought by Tate Modern straight away and added to their permanent collection. The final part of the exhibition is dedicated to the Olympic Games themselves… And once again I’m impressed by how much effort has been already put to make them work fine. A great care has been given to the local natural environment, which is a positive change in comparison to years of deforestation and living day by day. Anyway, I feel that this exhibition can be an introduction to this country and awake our interest in the host of the next best-show-the-world-has-ever-seen 😉


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