comfy cinema

I recently stumbled upon these pictures – this is supposedly the comfiest cinema in the world. Instead of regular chairs it has these bean-baggy type, two seat sofas so people can cuddle without any obstacles.

This is one of the TGV Cinemas in Malaysia, known as the Beanie Plex. How do you like it?

However squishy and comfy it looks I’m not quite sure I would like to watch a movie there with my other half; he would definitely fall asleep in the first 15 minutes and that would be so much for a romantic, cuddly date. Should there not be cinemas where there are very uncomfortable seats that keep boyfriends/husbands awake all throughout the rom-coms and dramas with Diane Lane? 🙂

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One thought on “comfy cinema

  1. I’ve always wished for more comfortable seating at theatres but the one above is too comfy for me in such a public space. Not that I’m a hyper sensitive about personal space just a bit with pillowy cushions and what’s underneath them or how they are protected! We only go to watch movies in a theatre showing an action packed or epic films. Any other genre , I’d rather and I know my Husband appreciates this, would be best in the comforts of our own home.

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