Summer look for a lazy afternoon

I don’t  remember when I last wore an outfit showing my belly button but it seems this trend is back! When I saw the Good Golly Ms Molly dress on Bell Dora website I just couldn’t resist! It’s all exactly what I had in mind:a bit of belly on show, a higher waist and vibrant colour print – just perfect! Comfortable and fashionable, what more can we ask for?  Vintage purse and 60’s shape sunglasses are a perfect match. The whole look is completed by Aqua blue Chalcedony necklace and super glamorous Starfruit Hoop Earrings which lighten up the patterned outfit. Perfect look for a sunny Sunday like today!



4 thoughts on “Summer look for a lazy afternoon

  1. A HUGE thank you from Bell’Dora to the fine folks at Freddie & Cinnamon for the mention of this cute little dress & handbag in your blog. We love the way your fabulous jewelry completes this great look! ♥

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