Fashionably sporty…

As the Summer of Sports is in full bloom we can observe a true sport fever around… I’m not just talking about crowds watching every second of the Olympics but also the society wanting to work on their bodies… And as with most aspects of our lives fashion industry is here to make our sport experience more stylish… Probably not everyone will have the opportunity to wear Olympic outfits designed by Stella McCartney, but definitely everyone can pop into one of two H&M Sport pop up stores in the capital city… If you’re close to the Olympic Village head to Westfield…. If you were not the lucky London 2012 ticket holder, dry your tears and head to Covent Garden… The high street brand has decided to introduce a limited edition of their sport clothing line, which will make you look absolutely fabulous while sweating, stretching, bending at the gym…

Photo from

Once you have your shopping bags filled, treat yourself a little bit more… A delicious macaroon from Laduree would be my choice… and don’t count the calories… You’ll burn them tomorrow… And you’ll burn them with style this time 😉


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