Freddie & Cinnamon in ‘Olympic Chic’ by Edita

We’re so happy that an amazing fashion blogger I was lucky enough to meet in person, Edita from pret-a-reporter, featured our black leather cuff in her Olympic chic look!

Edita is a talented reporter writing about business trends by profession, and fashion inspirations by passion. She refers to herself as hooligan, but she has a beautiful soul. She is restless in her journey to share her personal style and inspire others. We’re sure to follow her closely and wish her all success in the world!





4 thoughts on “Freddie & Cinnamon in ‘Olympic Chic’ by Edita

  1. OMG! I have a beautiful soul! Thanking you. I did slightly look like a hooligan in that photo-story though!

    When it comes to the bracelet, I must urge all to get one. It’s so versatile, it’s surprisingly very light and if I managed to pull it off with a super sporty outfit, there is no END to how others can style it. From casual coffees with girlfriends to grunge-inspired looks – this cuff is THE go-to piece.

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