Louboutin Shoe Design

I just about made it to Louboutin exhibition.It was on until last weekend at London Design Museum and it was well worth a visit!

Louboutin has been fascinated with shoes since his teenage years. Not any shoes though.  As a frequent visitor of many trendy places of the early 80s Paris, such as ‘The Palace’,  he became fascinated by the arch of a female foot when presented in a high heeled shoe.

He started work as an assistant for cabaret dancers. He helped them change between songs and watched them closely. It was during that time that his first shoe designs were transferred onto paper. He then decided to dedicate his career to creation of perfect dancing show shoes.

One of the most innovative shoe designers ever and very focused in his purpose! His shoes are amazing – chic, glamorous, and very OTT – just have a look! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Louboutin Shoe Design

    • it was amazing! and his story is incredibly inspiring! the exhibition closed couple weeks back, I’m afraid. He has a showroom in Paris though! thanks for stopping by xxx

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