“An Afternoon with…” People Defining Spaces

Hope you had a good weekend everyone! I’ve been helping my friends a bit with adding finishing touches to their new apartment. It’s not ready to be shared just yet, but it got me thinking what I would do differently if I was to live there, like adding a bit of colour here and there 🙂

I remembered about a project I came across a while ago and wanted to share with you – “An afternoon with…”. I find it fascinating how we define ourselves with space that surrounds us. The project by a photographer, Michael Mundy, and an editor, Nhi Nguyen, explores people and their spaces. “Every picture is a portrait of the owner  –  be it a room, an object or a view.”

Make it a New York architect, Terri Chiao, and her airy warm wooden space at “Cabin in a loft”.

An afternoon with Terri Chiao2

An afternoon with Terri Chiao

Rafinery29 senior editor Kristian Laliberte with “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster at his Manhattan apartment.

An afternoon with Kristian Laliberte3

An afternoon with Kristian Laliberte4

Or creative agency Hugo & Marie couple, Jennifer Sims and Mario Hugo at their home in Brooklyn that almost looks like no one lived there.

An afternoon with Jennifer Simms6

An afternoon with Jennifer Simms4

How would your ideal living space look like? I’m definitely clutter and colour like Kristian type 🙂


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