J. P. Gaultier tribute to Amy Winehouse – Spring 2012 Collection

While Jean-Paul Gaultier’s designs are often associated with Madonna, in his Spring 2012 Collection he gave homage to another music icon, Amy Winehouse. Accompanied by Amy’s songs, models walked the catwalk in singers’ signature beehive hair, heavy black eyeliner, sky-high heels, and 50s inspired outfits.

Jean Paul Gaultier about his inspiration, Amy: “Her look was fabulous, fantastic – it was unique. Usually, actresses and singers need fashion advice. She naturally had the right make-up, the right earrings – it was a truly a style. She didn’t just pick up one part of that look. And I love her voice, I love everything about her.”

Our favourite picks from the collection feature lace orange dress, lace corset, polka dot and capri pants, pencil skirts, silk cape, and electric blue pleated skirt – all vibrant in colour, eclectic and sexy – have a look!

You can see the entire collection here.


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