Celebrating Modern British Design with V&A

Celebrating British Design Victoria and Albert Museum

Last nights’ Late Friday at V&A Museum in London was dedicated to British Design, bringing into spotlight theBritish Design 1948 – 2012. Innovation in the modern age” exhibition.  It explores how British design has changed since it hosted the first Olympic Games after the Second World War in 1948 and will be in V&A until 12th August.

The evening was titled ‘Britain is making it’ and showcased a variety of British designers letting visitors into their world. You could listen to upcoming designers talking about their favourite objects on display in the gallery, take part in interactive installations, watch fashion themed movies, and challenge your own creativity.

For me, the highlights of the evening were:

Plumen Bulb

Talk by Nicolas Roope (Hulger) about how he has taken his idea of creating an environmentally friendly designer bulb and turned it into a selling product. He has made it – the bulb looks incredible – it’s modern in design and dynamic in form, looks different from every angle, uses 80% less energy than a traditional bulb, and lasts around 8 times longer. Plumen bulb is pretty impressive! Have a look for yourself! I found his talk very inspiring as Nicolas was also telling about the resistance he initially experienced from manufacturers and his persistence and long winded journey to success.

William Richard Green – Hooligans Against Acid

Fashion show by William Richard GreenHooligans Against Acid

I think a few images will speak for themselves 🙂

A/W 2012 William Richard Green - Hooligans Against Acid

A/W 2012 William Richard Green - Hooligans Against Acid 02

A/W 2012 William Richard Green - Hooligans Against Acid 03

(Pictures are from here as although I did have my camera with me, I failed to put a memory card in it!)

Dominic Wilcox St.Pauls Cathedral model

And Wilcox vs 3D printer: The Re-Match!

Where Dominic Wilcox won once again with a 3D printer this time creating a St. Paul’s Cathedral model in marzipan. Dominic creates some great designs, and watch sculptures are amongst my favourites 🙂

All in the rhythm of Joe and Will Ask? DJ set music often played for catwalks!

It was a great night! How has your weekend been so far? What are your plans?


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