Marketing – come again? :)

Right, so we have a product we love, we are getting there with our website, but what next? How do we now take what we’ve got and make people love our designs as much as we do?

Freddie & Cinnamon website

Having focused on product development and putting our site together, the prospect of the whole marketing strategy started getting a bit daunting recently. We must say we’ve had a very inspiring week though. All thanks to our amazing friends that have been very helpful giving initial feedback on our website, brilliant ‘Made to stick’ by Chip Heath and Dan Heath that I am reading at the moment, and couple marketing meetings, one of which with constructive Christina Richardson from The Nurture Network.

Both, the book, and Christina deserve separate posts, but I just wanted to share weeks’ worth learning with you:

business-vision hand_shake
1. Know your business – be very clear about your vision and goals. Narrow it down so it can be described in one sentence. Make sure to make it clear and concrete like a proverb so it’s meaningful, easy to understand, and tangible. You can’t be an ad hoc service provider and a recruitment agency at the same time. The more specific you are, the easier it will be for people to understand what you stand for. The simpler you make it, the easier it will be for you to start. 2. Know your customers. Find out where your customers are, what they are passionate about, and what they do in their free time. Go out there and shake their hand. Make a connection. Start a relationship. You will learn a lot from them, and they will learn about your business.
friends talking business-collaboration
3. Ask your friends for ideas. They will tell you stories about random discovery programmes they saw recently, or TV show they love to watch. They will urge you to swap Grazia for Bust, and  AdWords for leaflets. You will be surprised what you find and how much inspiration will come out of casual chats for you!
Talk, talk, talk, and once again talk – wherever you are, whatever you do – you are the main ambassador of your brand. Telling people about your journey will inspire them and will be source of invaluable feedback for you.
4. Find businesses with similar objectives to yours and join forces! If you bake cupcakes, find a corner coffee stand to offer your cakes with a cuppa. If you are a nutrition therapist, find a gym, or a massage therapist to offer your services aside theirs. Person getting a cup of coffee is more likely to get a cupcake along with in than go in hunt for cupcakes themselves. For business you join forces with it means they can offer additional services to attract more customers, and keep existing ones coming back – all at no extra cost or risk to themselves. For you it’s the easiest and quickest way to the market. Collaboration is magic, it creates synergy.

Just go out there and have a bit fun with it!


4 thoughts on “Marketing – come again? :)

  1. Your peridot pendant is my favorite! Wish I could afford it right now… Too much touring of the Island…

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