Let some sunshine in!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a restful weekend. It is still bright and sunny in London, but as no weather is ever guaranteed I thought it would be great to have a permanent source of similar vibe and energy that sun gives every one of us 😀

Lovely readers, here is a brilliant selection of radiant yellow works of art by Easy Art.

Photo from traditionalhome.com

Bright, reflective colours instantly brighten up a room, and uplift your spirits. Yellow and orange décor features are also said to help you focus, which makes prints in these colours perfect attribute of study or office interior.

What is your way to brighten up your day and surroundings? Tell us about it!

In the meantime, here are some more examples of happy prints:

Yellow Prints

Top left: “Untitled (Blue, Yellow, Green, Red)”, Mark Rothko; Left centre: “L’oro dell’azzurro”, Joan Miro; Bottom Left: “Distant Memories of a Summers Day”, James Knowles; Top centre: “Untitled, yellow”, Jurgen Wegner; Top Right: “Sesame, 1970”, Helen Frankenthaler; Bottom Right: “Venturing III”, Charlotte Cornish


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