SustainAbility – From Passion For Environment And People

This time I would like to share with you a business idea that I fell in love with after reading about it in Catch Carri. It’s a recycling company combining passion for environment with the understanding that every human being brings value to the community. SustainAbility creates a working family with eighty percent employees having developmental disabilities. The company is on an environmental and social mission, and it’s grown rapidly since March 2010 from 2 to 70 colleagues!


At SustainAbility people with disabilities are given meaningful work that they are good at. They are involved in every aspect of the company – from customer service, and marketing to disassembling hard-to-recycle materials and sewing. They sort and recycle household items, electronics and hard-to-recycle items like stoves, washers and dryers. Waste has a chance for second life here: dishwasher racks are used for storage, crates are now bookshelves, ice cream dishes, salt and pepper shakers and bowls are used for decorations to hold things like coats and purses.

I am very happy to see that such a purposeful business with love for environment and disadvantaged people at heart is doing so well!


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