Freddie and Cinnamon heart Laurence Laborie

Works on our online jewellery store are going smoothly (this is the official version) and we are getting excited about organising a first ever photo shoot for our jewellery collections! Discussing the general esthetics and styling we returned to photographs by an all-time idol of ours – Laurence Laborie, a French photographer whose works every girl knows (even not knowing who the author is). She has worked with many major  fashion brands and is a winner of many fashion photography prizes, 2006 International Festival of Fashion Photography in Cannes amongst others.

We thought we’d share a few of her amazing works – enjoy!

Laurence Laborie says about her work: ”The light that I select for my pictures is the key to captivate beauty and emotion. The woman I love to narrate through my images, is fragile but sensual, sharp but free, she fills the space by her presence”

Laurence’s love for photography started the day she found an abandoned camera on a park bench and ever since then she hardly let it out of her hands; she was only 14 then. Despite her passion for photography she decided to take a degree in engineering. She never pursued a career in this field; she worked as a model for a while and this only made her more certain that what she wants to do in life is taking photos. She lives in Paris with her husband and three children.


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