a lamp into a necklace?

We’ve been truly inspired by Djurdjica Kesic’s jewellery designs, especially series “Nomad”. This is how the artist describes it on the website:

“In the ’nomad’ series, I develop my ongoing interest in home, place and migration. The house becomes a symbol of something that evokes a sense of place and stability. More specifically, I’ve explored these ideas in relation to the migrant experience that is in many ways shaped by transition and movement. The two, house and migration, appear to be in a dichotomy, of something fixed and something in motion. ’nomad’ explores these ideas through a series of neckpieces made from an armful of preloved belongings.”

reclaimed timber necklaceWearing it must feel like carrying a little bit of home on one’s chest; maybe the home that doesn’t exist any more? Beautiful way to preserve the memories…

Djurdjica Kesic was born in Yugoslavia and moved to Australia where she still lives and works; winner of many awards, creates beautiful and meaningful objects; jewellery amongst many others. You can read more about her here.


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