Flamenco musical? – yes, please!

Rafael Amargo in Poet in New York

Flamenco musical – this is how Rafael Amargo describes his show, “Poet in New York”, that we had the pleasure to watch on Friday night on Sadler’s Wells Theatre’s stage. Interdisciplinary collage of an energising dance show and Spanish contemporary theatre; a fiery combination of traditional flamenco, jazz and folk-style music; a skilled mix of intense and very much full-on choreography and brutal minimalism so characteristic for modern Spanish art – these are just a few thoughts coming to mind when trying to explain what the show was.

Built around a selection of poems by Federico García Lorca, written during his trip to NYC in the 1930s, the show is a form of a poetic diary taking us on a journey to the city that the poet experienced nearly a century ago. Dance, song, video, live music and poetry are combined to form an unforgettable spectacle we would happily watch again; one of the reasons being Rafael Amargo himself. His passion is contagious and sitting in the audience you can’t help but urge to join the dancers; the energy between the people on stage is almost physical and fills you with an immediate will to get up and move to the energising music. We’ve decided to take up flamenco classes tomorrow…

You can read more about the show here.


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