Marilyn everywhere

Here at we’re still talking about the “Marilyn Monroe: Fragments” book and with the film “My week with Marilyn” having been launched recently the blonde icon seems to be everywhere again! What caught my attention last night is the latest J’adore TV advert, where the gorgeous Charlize Theron brushes shoulders with the ultimate glamour queens such as Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich and… Marilyn Monroe! If you haven’t seen it yet you’ve got a chance now – it’s really brilliantly made!

Dior J’Adore Advert

Since we’re on the subject of Dior and Marilyn Monroe allow us to add one beautiful photo of her in a gorgeous black gown by Dior – just because we love looking at her and we bet you do too!

We also haven’t failed to notice the jewellery choice in the photo above – the only piece Marilyn is wearing is an oversized, chunky ring, which completes the look.





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