life in both directions

Marilyn MonroeI’ve recently been given an amazing present – a book with never-before-published thoughts, letters and poems written by one of my favourite icons – Marilyn Monroe. The book’s title is “Marilyn Monroe: Fragments” and was edited by Stanley Buchthal and Bernard Comment. I found it really interesting and thought-provoking; it showed me a little bit of who this beautiful and amazing person really was…

What I wanted to share with you is one of the poems that made me stop and think for a while. It contains a motif Marilyn (or Norma Jean if you like :)) used on a number of times in her poems – the motif of life in both dorections, hence the title of this post. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Life –

I am both of your directions


Somehow remaining hanging downward

the most

but strong as a cobweb in the

wind – I exist more with the cold glistening frost.

But my beaded rays have the colors I’ve

seen in a paintings – ah life they

have cheated you”





3 thoughts on “life in both directions

  1. Thanks Freddie your blog is very interestig, I have been a fan of Marilyn for many years The more I researched her over the years the more I began to understand what a sad life she led. I will certainly get my hands on the book. Thanks for sharing!

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