Stripping Lana Del Rey

Like probably most of everyone I too am fascinated by the phenomenon of Lana Del Rey. I’m simply loving the eclectic and OTT style that seems to be inspired by literally everything. I just wanted to share a few thoughts on what comes to my mind when looking at pictures of this gorgeous girl.

Lana Del Rey a bit like Veronica Lake?

 I love the hair here; to me Lana does look a bit like the glamour queen Veronica Lake; of course you don’t have to agree 🙂

Lana Del Rey and Brigitte Bardot

In this flowery, toned down picture from one of her gigs in Brooklyn, she really reminds me of the 60s icon Brigitte Bardot. And just look at the nails!

How would you feel if I said that Lana’s style reminds me of the happy 90s and all the kitsch associated? Not quite sure what triggered this thought, but it definitely was there, so … can you see it too?

Ok, so Lana doesn’t smile (almost at all, never!) but I will stand by my weird thought there is a 90s style vibe about Lana del Rey! I could bring up a lot more images, because the more often I see her pictures (and you’ve got to admit she is now everywhere) the more connotations I can see between her style and style of some icons of the past. One last thing that I wanted to mention is that there is something in Lana’s eyes, the way she looks, that reminds me of Twiggy. Maybe it’s just the lashes and usually heavy make up… or maybe not 🙂 Anyway, here she is next to Twiggy.

Lana del Rey and Twiggy

Some will love her style, some will hate it, so there is a bit of a Marmite situation going on. On thing is certain – you can’t pretend she’s not a jaw dropper 🙂 Bold, over the top, flashy, some say : too trashy – maybe. To me there’s glamour and a stylish vibe about her that I love, so here’s another picture of her looking so 70s it hurts. Ooh, and I simply adore the cat!

Lana Del Rey by Nicole Nodland (

If you feel you still haven’t got enough of her brilliant clip Video Games you can check it out on Lana’s website It has a weirdly hypnotic effect on me.

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