chill out :)

 Autumn has arrived and the lower temperature outside is a perfect excuse to spend some more time at home. It has been exactly what I needed today – some peace and quiet and a moment to enjoy myself while making something tasty in the kitchen. The golden brown sponge cake full of juicy strawberries is the fruit of my lazy afternoon.  And the house is now full of the gorgeous smell.. 

If you wanted to try – it’s dead simple and highly recommended when you’re after something sweet. You’ll need: 125g of butter,  10 table spoons of caster sugar,  3 eggs, pinch of salt, 1.5 tea spoon of baking powder, roughly 400g of fresh strawberries 

Just whisk it all together and poor into a baking tray. Chop strawberries into chunks and stick them into the dough so that about half of each piece is above the surface. Bake around 40 minutes in 180ºC. Enjoy!

Freddie, xxx



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