Karlie and Oscar

Having my morning coffee today I was aimlessly browsing the net when I came across a photo gallery dedicated to Karlie Kloss. She is so stunning that I just kept flicking the pictures completely hypnotised. No wonder she was one of the most popular models during London Fashion Week (which happened just moments ago, not weeks, if you ask me!).

One of the pictures was from the Oscar de la Renta show where Karlie modelled a gorgeous white lacy white gown with a stunning structured blazer over it. I must say, the thing I loved the most was the hair – it just reminds me so much of the ever so happy 80s – a bit like a lion’s mane! You’d almost think that adding anything else to this big head of hair would be too much, but you’d be wrong…

Oversized gold drop earrings truly completed the look. A LOT of diamonds and yellow gemstones set in gold added so much glamour and  such warmth I would almost like to say sunshine! Anyway, see for yourself.





Btw I love this zoom function on Vogue website – allows you to really contemplate the details.

***both pictures come from the mentioned photo galery at www.vogue.co.uk


2 thoughts on “Karlie and Oscar

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